Our Vision


Reworking Indian cultural heritage and costumes and putting it into a contemporary mould has always been at the core of Mr. Ajay Kumar. We are a proud Indian brand and the brand is for all of those who are looking for something different and modern from India, yet firmly rooted in our tradition and values.

Our vision is not just creating a luxury brand but also putting one’s deeply held values at the heart of the brand’s business. The website helps the company and the brand to leapfrog from India to a global audience, traversing cross-borders seamlessly and meeting new individuals.


Mr. Ajay Kumar recognises the work of every individual and community working with the brand and we endeavour to empower them  in the process of building good quality handcrafted products. We understand the importance of diversity and equal opportunity and pay fair wages to all our people. 

We should move towards a moral economy, a more liveable, sustainable world wherein we incept the holistic concept of real human-nature interaction while celebrating diversity, creativity and freedom. We want to bring about that change in our way of life, in our brand and pass it on to my consumers. 


It is strange how we hold on to these pieces from our past for rebuilding our future, reviving our handlooms yet creatively infusing them with new ideas. Our Indian inspirations, timeless and modern, is translated through the reflexions of such fabrics such as handloom fine muslin cotton, gold tissue silk and our very own K.H.A.D.I. W.O.O.L.  and K.H.A.D.I. C.O.T.T.O.N. Since our inception, we have been exploring new ways to modernise our Indian textiles and bring it to the forefront in nouveau approach.

Beyond dissecting the kaleidoscopic possibilities of khadi wool and handloom & khadi cotton, the reality of practising sustainable fashion at grassroots level is crucial. We are committed to using handwoven fabric that has been created by masterweavers from various craft clusters in Rajasthan & West Bengal and amalgamating it with the brand’s signature print designs, modern tailoring and contemporary styling. 

We want to capture the story of fashion as a motivator of change, a tool for transformation and a catalyst for social change. The journey has just begun towards becoming a sustainable and conscious luxury brand with a brand ethos that works towards being responsible, transparent, modern, fair and environmentally conscious in many ways. We are not perfect and we may never be but we are trying and in many ways contributing back to the society.


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